Graphic Designing Company in Gurgaon

Graphic Designing Company in Gurgaon

Graphic design consists of a lot of things. Starting from it's meaning and its different types, a lot of others things are there which need to be explained. Here in this post, we are going to answer the following questions.

Table of contents

  • What is graphic design?
  • How is graphic design important for brands?
  • What are the types of graphic design?
  • How does graphic design help for brand’s social media marketing?
  • Which software do graphic designers use for graphic design?
  • Why should we use adobe creative cloud?
  • How to find the best graphic design services?
  • How can The Flying Birds help you with graphic design?


1. What is Graphic Designing?

Graphics design is a visual representation, which a graphic designer creates using text, images, colors, lines, and basic shapes, etc. and communicates messages, in other words, you can say it is the way of visual communication.

To understand it further graphic means visuals and design means solving the problem. If we talk about what problems graphics solve then the answer is everything there are endless things where graphics help. For example architecture, fashion design, and product design, etc. But here we will talk about how graphic design helps brands and businesses.

2. How is graphic design important for brand design?

Without graphic design, we cannot even imagine the existence of any company or brand. Every company has some products or services to sell. To sell these products or services, companies need to visually represent themselves and their products or services in the best way. A graphic designer does this for them using stunning designs.

3. What are the types of Graphic Design?

1. Branding
When you talk about any company what comes first in your mind? Its logo right? The logo is the face of the company but for brand design, we need to do a lot more. Brands need visual representation to make their first impression.

Most probably you may have heard that your first impression is the last impression. You can make your first impression by stunning graphic designs. When a person looks at any product or services he will measure the quality of the product by seeing its visual representation. Similarly, the brand image in the minds of customers  will be as we visually represent it.

Branding depends on everything we do for the company it means we need to take care of each step we take for the company. TFB does it best for you, click here to get a quote.

2. Marketing and advertisement
Without graphic design, we cannot even imagine the marketing and advertisement of any company. We need graphic design at every step of the marketing and advertisement whether it is for social media, TV commercials, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, and web graphics, books, etc.

We need graphics for almost everything while advertising and marketing because graphics are the best way to communicate with the mass audience very easily.

3. Label and packaging
Every business has its products or services and obviously, they want to represent them in the best way because this is the only way to make repo of the products. To prove that I will ask you a simple question. Once think about the situation when you go to buy a product in a showroom or shopping mall and you have to choose one out of two products then which one will you buy? For sure you will buy the one which has the best visual representation because it will appear more trustworthy. TFB has amazing graphic designers who design stunning label and package designs, click here to get a quote.

4. Print Design
Print design is something that has to be printed. Due to digital advertisements print is not the priority of the businesses these days but still, it is important for so many businesses to full fill some particular
needs like flyers, brochures, business cards, ID cards, Hoardings, Banners, packages, labels, t-shirt designs, publication designs and much more. When any physical print comes in the hands of customer it should be wow. The creative team of TFB can Help you to achieve that, click here to get a quote.

5. Web graphic design
You may have seen stunning graphics on so many websites that help the audience to understand the things easily. On websites, different graphics are used to full fill different needs like icons, illustrations, and photos, etc.

6. UI Design
UI design is the most recent term in graphic design. The world is changing so the use of graphics is also changing. UI design means User Interface Design which a designer designs for users who designs mobile applications.

To understand it further we need to understand diffrent operating system applications. In each mobile application or desktop application, there are two parts of it, one that we can see visually and another is the processing of the application which a developer develops. User Interface is whatever visually you see in the application and you interact with while using the application.

4. How does graphic design help for the brand’s social media marketing?

Social media is the best way to reach people these days because almost everyone is on social platforms and reaching to potential customers is easier. When we are reaching thousands of people in a day then we should also take care that what we are posting there.

Stunning designs, videos, and motion graphics can help you achieve great repo on social platforms and get your business. TFB does this for you.Click here to know more about packages.

5. Which software do graphic designers use for graphic design?

There are a lot of softwares that graphic designers use to create stunning graphic designs. We divide creative softwares into two categories. One is raster-based softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, PaintShop Pro, Painter, Paint.NET, MS Paint, and GIMP, etc. Another is vector-based softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Affinity Designer, Gravit Designer, Inkscape, and Vectr, etc.

There is a small difference between both raster and vector softwares. The main difference between vector and raster graphics is that raster graphics are based on pixels such as gif and jpg etc. Vector graphics are based on paths such as eps or SVG.

You may have seen sometimes when you zoom your photograph in your device you will find it has some squares of different colors. These are pixels. These pixels are measured in dpi which means dots per inch. But Vectors are based on geometry. So when you zoom it that will not pixelate but before using them for some purpose we need to convert it to a raster image.

6. When there are so many softwares in the market than what should we use?

Mostly it doesn't matter what you use to design your creative. What matters is the final output, use what suits you because these days most of softwares provide options to convert to different formats.

Adobe creative cloud is the industry standard so most of creatives preffer this software.

7. Why should we use adobe creative cloud?

There are a lot of reasons why one should use the creative cloud, few of them are below.
1. There are more than 20 softwares which full fill all the creative needs of designers for graphics, videos, and animations.

2. It has different softwares for different needs such as for vector designs and illustrations there is an Adobe illustrator for raster-based work there is Photoshop, for magazine and other multiple pages design there is Indesign, for UI design there is Adobe xd, for the color correction there is lightroom.

It does not end here it goes on and on. Creative cloud full fills every requirement and it has a single monthly subscription for all creative suites.
3. We can collaborate with the team easily using the adobe creative cloud.
4. We can use adobe stock resources within the software itself we need not open the browser.
5. Its workflow is awesome and it’s dynamic linking helps a lot and make workflow easier and faster.
6. We can easily find its learning resources online to enhance our creative skills. These are only a few points there is a lot more to discuss. This why all creative people fall in love with the adobe creative cloud.

7. How to find the best graphic design services?

Before hiring a graphic designer you need to understand that graphic design is a broad term. If anyone says I am a graphic designer will not define that you need the same designer. Before hiring anyone you need to define that what you exactly want from the designer.

Like if a graphic designer is so good at Logo Design he may not be so good at illustrations or UI design. In Logo Design also all the designers have their different styles so sometimes his skills may not match your requirements. First of all, you need to do some homework so that you can find the best designer for your creative needs. You need to be sure what kind of design you want such as Logo design, and print design, social media design, illustrations, UI design, web design, web graphic design and package or label design, etc.

Then visit Google or some creative portfolio sites like Behance and dribble etc to find the styles suite best to your creative needs. You can also find the samples form Pinterest. Pin the designs matching your interest and accordingly make a plan and explain all these things to the designer.

You can hire in three ways.

1. Hire in-house Graphic designer
2. Hire freelance Graphic designer
3. Hire a creative agency

An in-house graphic designer can work for you fully dedicatedly sitting in our office and will understand your brand deeply and will be available whenever you need him but sometimes you may have to pay them even when you have no work and sometimes when you need to get designed something in which in-house designer is not specialized you will get unsatisfactory design results.

To fill this space here freelance designer comes. You can hire a freelance designer for specific project needs according to his specifications but he won’t be as familiar with your brand so you will need to brief him well, he may not be available to join meetings or to do the last-minute tasks. Most importantly to find or evaluate the right freelancer will take efforts.

If you don’t like these two options you can hire a creative agency. Hiring a creative agency will resolve all of your above problems. You can hire them as you want according to your needs. You need not worry about the specification of the freelancer because agencies always have all kinds of In-House designers who will always be ready to work for you and do meetings or to do the last-minutes tasks.

It may be a little costly sometimes but you will surely get the best results because in agencies only one graphic designer does not work, the full team works for a project which leads to the best result.

8. How can The Flying Birds help you with graphic design?

The Flying Birds is a creative agency and digital marketing company as well. The big benefit is that you will never need to go to different places for all marketing needs you will get everything in one place at a single monthly subscription. The Flying Birds has one single flat pricing.We design a lot of stuff for our clients.

We have talented and creative In-House Graphic designers from all specifications such as logo designers, social media post designers, UI Designers, package or label designers, book or magazine designers, web designers, and illustration designers, etc. Instead of working as a single designer, teams work so results are always awesome.

One good thing is that we not only have graphic designers, but we also do everything which is needed for a company’s digital marketing like Website development, mobile application development, work on machine learning, SEO, Social media marketing company in gurgaon , social media strategies, Videos, Animations, and motion graphics, etc. So the conclusion is hiring TFB will free you from all marketing problems. You need to hire us and let us know your requirements and see the results

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